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Corruption signals

Dear Madam and Sirs,

       According the implementation of Civil Law Convention on Corruption ratified and adopted with Act by XXXVIII Bulgarian Parliament on 10 May, 2000 (State Gazette, number 42 from 24th May 2000) we offer you actual address to contact us.

       Filling this form, everyone who visit this site will have the possibilities to give information for concrete cases on corruption or results of such an activities (use of undue authority, inappropriate management of state property, unsuitable actions or lack of actions of administrative bodies and officials in charge, concerning state or public interests in forest administration).

       By your own opinion you can choose and fill the form on following web address: http://anticorruption.government.bg/content.aspx?p=12 or to call on free phone 0 800 20 800
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.